Available Scholarship Opportunities

The below scholarship is available for the Fall 2016 semester.  Applications are available in the Scholarship Office located in Candies Hall.  The scholarship deadline date is Friday, August 12, 2016.

**Students who have received other scholarships/awards, have extra-curricular involvement, or are members of organizations MUST submit a co-curricular activity reporting form (may be obtained from the Student Affairs Office or at www.nicholls.edu/osa/) to the Scholarship Office once an application has been completed.

FORTY & EIGHT NURSING SCHOLARSHIP [1@ $500]: Awarded to a full-time Nursing major in the Bachelor’s Degree program.  The applicants must have completed at least one semester in the Nursing Curriculum.  Applicants must maintain a 2.000 Cumulative GPA and a minimum 2.000 GPA in all Nursing courses.  The applicants must also show evidence of need and be of honorable character and highly motivated. Application is available in the Scholarship Office.