Office of Institutional Research,
Effectiveness, and Planning (IREP)

"Our MISSION is to support the university mission by providing reliable, actionable data and guidance to facilitate a culture of continuous improvement."

The main functions of IREP include:

1) Gathering data and transforming it into information
2) Disseminating accurate information to University administrators
3) Providing services to administration, faculty, staff, and students
4) Responding promptly to data requests
5) Building surveys to improve university governance and management.

Fast Facts

50 %
Retention Rate

Fall 2018 – Based on first-time, full-time, bachelor’s degree-seeking undergraduate students who entered in Fall 2017.

35 %
Graduation Rate

Fall 2018 – Based on six-year graduation rate for the cohort of first-time, full-time, bachelor’s degree-seeking undergraduate students who entered in the Fall of 2012.


Fall 2019 – Based on full-time, part-time, undergraduate, and graduate students registered passed the 14th class day for the 2019 Fall semester.

Institutional Research


The Factbook is published annually during each Fall semester. It contains college-wide statistical data which includes analysis of student credit hours, enrollment, faculty, expenditures, degrees awarded, ACT scores, and developmental programs. The Factbook provides more detailed information than Fast Facts.

Data Dashboard Visualizations

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UNDER CONSTRUCTION. This section is a library of interactive charts and graphs containing data that answers our most often asked questions. Check to see if the data you are looking for can be found here before making a request.

Common Data Set

This is a compiled report of standard data items that are used by higher education institutions and publishers as represented by the College Board, Peterson's, and US News & World Report. The goal is to improve the quality & accuracy of information provided to all stakeholders involved in a student's transition into higher education, as well as to reduce the reporting burden on data providers.

Faculty & Staff Reports

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Curriculum Codes

Curriculum codes contains a list of disciplines of study by colleges and departments. Includes updates from the reorganizations of academic colleges and departments.

Enrollment Statistics

This is a comprehensive report of enrollment details based on various criteria like college, gender, major, ethnicity, etc. It is generated 3 times a year for the Spring, Summer, & Fall semesters.

Retention & Graduation Rates

Retention rates give information about the rate of re-enrollment of first-time freshmen at Nicholls. Graduation rates are calculated based upon the number of students that receive any degree within 150% of the appropriate program length.

Rosters of Instructional Staff

This report contains credential information & academic degrees earned for all full-time & part-time faculty who teach credit courses during each academic semester. It is compiled each semester to provide documentation and justification of faculty qualifications as required by SACSCOC.

Student Achievement

Nicholls is a student-centered, regional institution, focusing on student achievement as its primary mission. To gauge the attainment of this strategic goal, the university monitors objectives that are directly related this objective and reported in various campus publications and presentations.

Would You Like To Request Info?

If the information you are seeking cannot be found in any of the reports already available on our website, please use our request system to request additional data. Please be sure to complete all fields and include a detailed description of your request. We handle requests related to official statistics, historical data, or assessment. Requests for current information (ex. list of students with contact information) should be handled through the Office of Information Technology.

We ask that you allow us ample time to complete your request. Urgent requests are handled on a priority basis.

The Office of Institutional Research, Effectiveness, and Planning coonducts various surveys to obtain the opinions of various bodies serving Nicholls. The surveys are used to improve the Institutional effectiveness, provide accurate information to the university’s administrators and faculty, and support the mission of Nicholls State University. Assessment primarily focuses on understanding and improving student learning. Student learning outcomes enable the assessment process to be effective by measuring the department’s goals, its students’ performance, its expected outcomes (results) vs the actual outcomes (results).

Noel-Levitz SSI Student Satisfaction Inventory

This 45 item student survey, designed to measure both the importance of and satisfaction with different aspects of the college experience.

Alumni Survey

Sent to both recent (1yr) and long-term (5yr) Nicholls graduates, this survey collects employment and salary data from Nicholls alumni, and measures alumni satisfaction with campus facilities, skills and abilities gained during college, and with overall satisfaction with the Nicholls experience.

BCSSE Beginning College Survey of Student Engagement

A national survey that collects data about the high school academic and co-curricular experiences of incoming students, as well as their expectation about participating in educationally purposeful activities during their freshman year.

Faculty / Staff Survey

This survey asks employees about both their overall job satisfaction and their overall perception of the effectiveness of the university. It is given to Nicholls employees every other year.

Graduating Senior Survey

This 62 question survey asks prospective graduates a variety of questions about their academic experience at Nicholls, ranging from the acquisition of specific skills and abilities from coursework to satisfaction with their particular major. It is given at the beginning of every semester to undergraduate seniors who are planning to graduate.

Graduating Student Employment Survey

This survey measures student utilization of the Office of Career Services while at Nicholls (including services such as job fairs, resume critiques, and career counseling), as well as employment prospects upon graduation. It is given at the conclusion of every semester to Nicholls graduating seniors.

Graduate Student Survey

This 13 item survey measures graduate student satisfaction with the graduate curriculum, attitudes of faculty and staff toward graduate students, and the extent to which their graduate study has prepared them for employment and the workplace. It is given to graduate students planning to graduate from Nicholls at the end of the semester.

NSSE National Survey of Student Engagement

This survey measures the extent to which students engage in or are exposed to academic practices and behaviors that are related to desirable educational outcomes. It is a national survey given every other spring to a random sample of Nicholls freshmen and seniors.

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