If the information you are seeking cannot be found in any of the reports already available on our website, please use our request system/form to request additional data. Please be sure to complete all fields and include a detailed description of your request.  The Office of Assessment & Institutional Research handles requests related to official statistics, historical data, or assessment. Requests for current information (ex. list of students with contact information) should be handled through the Office of Information Technology.

We ask that you allow us ample time to complete your request.  Urgent requests are handled on a priority basis.

  • Please note that you will log in using your Active Directory (network) username and password.  An example of a typical username would be the first letter of your first name and your last name (ex: jdoe).
  • Also, please be advised that you will receive task updates via email as your request is being processed through our system. Once your request is complete, you will be notified via email as well.
(also to be used if the Online Request System cannot be accessed):
  • Download the form in Microsoft Word format and email us as an attachment.
  • Download the form in PDF format and and print it out to either fax it to us or send it to us through campus mail.



Nicholls State University