History of Previous BCSSE administrations and trend analyses

History of Previous BCSSE administrations: Nicholls began administering BCSSE to incoming freshmen in Fall 2009. Below are links to BCSSE results from Fall 2009 – Fall 2014, along with highlights from the Fall 2013 and Fall 2014 administrations.
Administration Reports Highlights
Fall 2014 Reports Highlights
Fall 2013 Reports Highlights
Fall 2012 Reports
Fall 2011 Reports
Fall 2010 Reports
Fall 2009 Reports
BCSSE Trend Analyses: 2009-2014 As mentioned aboave, Nicholls began administering the BCSSE survey to incoming freshmen in 2009.   Since the survey has now been given to six consecutive freshmen cohorts, we are able to examine trends and changes over time regarding items of interest.  Noteworthy trends over time include the following: 1) the percentage of first-generation freshmen, 2) number of hours spent preparing for class (both for the last year of high school and expected first year of college), 3) number of hours spent on co-curricular activities (both for the last year of high school and the expected first year of college), 4) the degree of difficulty student expected in paying for college, and 5) the percentage of students using specified payment sources for college (scholarships, student loans, etc.)
Percent of first-generation students Trend analysis
Time spent preparing for class Trend analysis
Time spent on co-curricular activities Trend analysis
Difficulty paying for college Trend analysis
College payment sources Trend analysis



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