Internal Grants

Research Council Grants

The NSU Research Council disseminates available grant monies to Nicholls faculty for research and teaching/learning projects in all disciplines. Funds for research are to be viewed as “seed money” to undertake worthy projects that will lead to larger projects, external funding, publications, performances, exhibitions or presentations. Funds for scholarship of teaching/learning projects are to be used for improvement and innovation of teaching strategies. The Council is made up of representatives from each college, the Library, the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, Office of Assessment and Institutional Research, Academic Computing. Further information about the structure and mission of the Council can be found in the Faculty Handbook.

Members: Dr. Enmin Zou (Council Chair) (College of Sciences and Technology), Ross Jahnke (College of Liberal Arts), Bill Thibodeaux (Chef John Folse Culinary Institute), Dr. Christopher Castille (College of Business Administration), Melissa Clay (College of Nursing), Debi Benoit (Research and Sponsored Programs), Brandy Burbante (Ellender Library), Dr. Kimberly Reynolds (College of Education and Behavioral Sciences), Melanie Collins (Assessment and Institutional Research), and Perry Lawless (Academic Computing).

  • There is no maximum award.
  • The award budget is approximately $25,000.
  • The deadline – TBA
  • Submit applications to Dr. Enmin Zou, Chair, at
  • Awards will be announced TBA

The following faculty members were competitively awarded Research Council Awards for 2020-2021:   CONGRATS TO ALL!

PI Department Project Title Funding
Dr. Ramaraj Boopathy Biological Sciences Biodegradation of the Herbicide, Atrazine, Applied to the Local Sugarcane Fields $5,400
Dr. Rajesh Kotami Physical Sciences Cu (II) Catalyzed C-N Bond Formations $4,250
Dr. Gio McClenachan Biological Sciences Mapping Small-scale Anthropogenic Alterations to the Louisiana Coastal Zone, 1932-present $3,225
Dr. Uttam Pokharel Physical Sciences Redox-driven Single Molecular Rotor from Ferrocene-linked Tetradentate Ligand $4,900
Dr. Ke Wang Teacher Education The Job Demands-resources Model of STEM Teacher’s Job Satisfaction and Leaving Intention $3,000
Dr. Darcey Wayment Physical Sciences Predicting Pesticide Transport in Sugarcane Soils $4,225
TOTAL $25,000

Technology Fee Grants

This internal grant program exists to fund projects that focus on the integration of technology into the instructional environment. The funding for the grant is generated from the Student Technology Fee – based on a per credit hour student fee. These fees are used to maintain the ITS open labs and to fund different technology projects requested by colleges and/or departments. The projects must directly benefit the students; requests for technology in faculty/staff offices is not permitted by state guidelines. The monies that the Technology Fee awards must be expended for student use and must meet the definition of technology as defined by the ULS board.

  • The term “technology” or “technologies” means computer hardware and software (and the networking and supporting computer and telecommunications infrastructure), laboratory instruments and discipline-specific equipment including but not limited to such items as scales, microscopes and musical instruments.

The proposals submitted each Spring are reviewed by Academic Computing’s technical review committee and then presented to a student subcommittee for consideration.  If the subcommittee reviewing the proposal has any questions, the faculty or staff member writing the proposal may be requested to have a 5-minute interview with the subcommittee to answer any questions they may have regarding the request.  Once voting is complete, everyone submitting a proposal will receive notification of the accepted proposals. Please contact a member of Academic Computing if you are planning to request a technology classroom, have questions regarding the proposals, or need assistance gathering information for a proposal.

Internal Proposal/Grant Submission:

Current deadline: TBA. All proposals must be turned in to Ms. Kim Nannie in 156 Peltier Hall. Her phone number is 448-4419.

For Student Technology Fee Grant Proposal Application and explanation of scoring, click on following link: Student Technology Fee – Grant Proposal Form 2019-20.

Cash Matches for External Grants:

This aspect of the grant funding is specifically designed only to provide a match to external grants. In general, the Technology Fee will match up to 10 percent of the total requested. The portion of the grant requesting the cash match must meet the regulations for Technology Fee monies as stated by the ULS board.

  • To request cash matches for external grants, contact Mr. Ryan Dubina at 448-4978 or at
  • There is a limit amount of monies available each year for cash matches. The maximum award is a match of 10 percent of the total grant you are applying for with an external funder.