General Parking Information

Any vehicle parked on campus must be registered with the Office of Parking Services and parking permits must be properly displayed. This includes visitors vehicles and those parked on campus for any other reason.

Student and faculty/staff parking permits can be obtained by mail prior to the fall semester. To get your permit by mail, you must submit the when available. Those who have not obtained their permit once the on-line application is removed must visit the Office of Parking Services located at University Police in Calecas Hall.  .

The permit fee of $50 is payable at the Fee Collections Window (Elkins Hall) or on-line through your Banner account after you apply for your permit. Visitors and short-term (temporary) permits are offered at no charge. Faculty and staff may only park in faculty/staff zones, marked by signs or by red curbing. Students may only park in the appropriate zone (commuter, residence hall, La Maison).

Violations and Appeals
All improper parking violations are $50 for each violation except for “NO DECAL” violations, which are $20. Handicap parking violations are $250, and moving violations are $50. The right to appeal a parking citation is lost after 20 days from the date that the citation is issued, and an equal value delinquent fee for each parking violation is charged. Learn more about appeals. The purchase of a Nicholls parking permit does not guarantee the registrant a parking space in a particular area.

The university assumes no responsibility for car damage or its contents at any time the vehicle is operated or parked on campus. The university reserves the right to immobilize, tow away and impound a vehicle at the owners expense if the vehicle:

  • is parked in any place creating a potentially hazardous condition
  • is parked in a handicapped space without authorization
  • has accrued 5 or more unpaid parking citations
  • is abandoned or in any unauthorized area
  • is in violation of this code as indicated
  • when a vehicle is parked on campus after parking privileges have been suspended.


Click the HERE for a complete list of regulations.