Good Earth Transit Bus Route

You may not be in grade school anymore but you can still take to bus! Check outĀ Good Earth Transit’s website for information on the public bus system, such asĀ routes and the schedule for the Nicholls’ bus stops.

Taking the bus is a good option for people who don’t come on campus on a regular basis, don’t own a car, or just want to avoid the stress of driving. It also helps to lower fuel emissions and can save you gas money. You should have exact change when boarding the bus. The bus accepts all coins and bills. Bus fare is $1.00 per ride. You can get a day pass for $2.50 which will allow you to get off and on the bus as much as you need to in one day. If you ride on a regular basis, the drivers sell DayPass coupons in quantities of 5 for $11.00 or 10 for $21.00. Coupons do not expire, so you choose when to use them.