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Award Nomination Information

The Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Services annually honors teaching faculty for their work with students outside the classroom.  The “Apple Awards” are based on nominations by students, student organizations, faculty and staff, and final selection is by a committee of students, faculty and staff.  The awards will be presented on the day of the Faculty Institute for the fall semester.

Please consider nominating deserving faculty, in accordance with the following criteria:

  1. Outstanding Faculty Advisor of a Student Organization. An award is made to the faculty advisor who has given the most effective guidance to the organization.  This person will have been assiduous in his/her attendance at organizational functions; will have led the group through a difficult problem; will have helped the group to achieve its goals; and/or will have molded leaders for the group. 
  2. Outstanding Faculty Mentor.  An award is given to the faculty member who has contributed most to an individual student’s development; who has encouraged the student to pursue his/her education in the face of hardship; who has taken great interest in the student’s present and future; and/or who has personally gone out of his/her way to help the student.
  3. Outstanding Faculty Support for Student Activities.  An award is given to the faculty member who regularly attends student performances, athletics events, honor-awards ceremonies, fraternity/sorority activities; who donates time, materials or funds to support student activities; and/or who shows visible support for students in a variety of ways. 

Student Affairs Faculty Merit Awards.  An award is given to faculty whose support of students, student activities and Student Affairs mission and goals fall outside the above described categories. 

Nominations may also be emailed to



Presence is an automated campus engagement platform. It provides student organizations with roster management and event registration management (replaces GOLD Forms) and provides a co-curricular point system and transcripts for individuals.

Co-curricular transcripts and the points earned are used in the selection process for scholarships and awards given by the University such as:  Colonel Leaders and Scholars, Hall of Fame, Homecoming Court, Mr. and Ms. Nicholls, etc. It can also be a helpful reference document for employers as you apply for jobs.

In order to be considered for awards and scholarships, simply log into Presence and enter any experiences that are not listed through a roster of an organization you are in by following the instructions below before the deadline date. 

An experience is any activity/position that is not automatically entered from an organization roster. President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, or Chair are pulled from organizational rosters. All other activities are considered “Experiences” which can be browsed and applied for under the “Opportunity” tab. 

Apply for the opportunity in order for the experiences to be added to your co-curricular and to receive points. Click the “Apply to Earn” button, attach your proof, and submit for approval. Examples of experiences include: visual and performing arts like band or Nicholls Worth, athletics/intramurals, awards and scholarships, specific titles such as a public relations/marketing chair, student employment positions, etc. You can browse the full list at All co-curricular points that have been submitted to the Office of Student Affairs prior to 8-1-22 have already been added to Presence.  If you are a member of an organization those rosters have already been entered beginning with the Spring 2022 semester.  If you have a special position you may have to enter them as an experience by applying for an opportunity and upload your supporting documentation to receive your points by following the directions below and/or watching the video.

Please see the Presence tutorial video:  ​

How to Get to Presence

  1. Log onto
  2. Sign in with your moodle username and password
  3. Click the “Presence” tile at the bottom of the page

**If you have trouble loggin in, please go directory to Presence.  

How to Register an Organization

  1. Follow the “How to Get to Presence” steps above
  2. Click on the “Forms” tab at the top of the page
  3. Select Organization Registration
  4. Complete the form
  5. Submit for approval

How to Find Upcoming Events

  1. Follow the “How to Get to Presence” steps above
  2. Click on the “Events” tab at the top of the page
  3. The Experience page allows you to browse upcoming events for all organizations on campus as well as search for specific events.

How to Search up Nicholls Organizations

  1. Follow the “How to Get to Presence” steps above
  2. Click on the “Organizations” tab at the top of the page
  3. The Organizations page lists out all of the campus organizations and allows you to search for specific organizations. 
  4. Additional tips:
    1. The organizations tab allows you to browse the new directory of campus organizations. Each org has their own tile which opens their own page. 
    2. You can also filter organizations by categories and different options. 
    3. You can also change between tile view and list view.
    4. The forward and backward buttons allow you to navigate through the directory.
    5. You can also search for specific organizations like the Student Programming Association. 
    6. You can view details like their meeting times and locations, about and purpose, their social media accounts, and membership qualifications. 
    7. You can also send the organization a message to request more information. 

How to View Individual Co-Curricular Transcript

  1. Follow the “How to Get to Presence” steps above.
  2. Click the arrow next to the profile icon at the top right of the screen.
  3. Click the “Profile” link.
  4. This page will break down your club memberships and detail your timeline of memberships and experiences. 
  5. Go to “Share”
  6. Click “Download PDF” to download and view your “Co-Curricular Transcript”
  7. The PDF can be printed or emailed for scholarships, award considerations, or other uses.
  8. Additional tips:
    1. Co-Curricular transcripts are now automated through Presence, so you no longer need to make trips to the Office of Student Affairs or get signatures on paper forms. 
    2. All club memberships are now added by rosters and will automatically transfer to your SmartTranscript.
    3. Be sure you are a member of your organization by asking your advisor or club president. 
    4. Any points from the past have already been uploaded into Presence. You may not see these on your SmartTranscript, but your points are uploaded and will be used to calculate different university awards and honors.
    5. You can now access your Co-Curricular SmartTranscript at any time! 

How to Apply for Experiences

  1. Follow the “How to Get to Presence” steps above
  2. Click on “Opportunities” on the top bar of the page
  3. Select “Experiences”
  4. Select/Search/Browse for the experience you would like to apply for
  5. Click on the Experience you would like to apply for
  6. When on the experience page, click on the “Apply to Earn” button.
  7. The Application to Earn will pop-up
    1. The Opportunity Menu will autofill the event information for you.
    2. Be sure to check that the information is correct.
  8. Upload proof of documentation in the “Upload Supporting Documentation” area.
    1. Examples of documentation include:
      1. Screenshot from Banner or Moodle
      2. Calendar event
      3. Picture from a conference or event
      4. Group Page 
      5. Emails 
      6. Event Programs
      7. Etc.
  9. When finished, click the green “Submit for Approval” button at the top of the page

If you have any questions regarding Co-Curriculars and Points in Presence, please contact Mrs. Amanda Fremin at or Ms. Chelsea Jackson at in regards to registering student organizations and event registration.

 Example of Activities:

SGA: President, Vice President, other members of Executive Board, Senator.

SPA: President, Vice President, At-Large Member, other Executive Board member, Committee chairperson, Committee member. 

SEALS: President, Vice President, Director of Insight Theatre, Team Coordinators, team members.

Student Supreme Court: Chairperson, member.

Student Organizations: President, officer, member.

IFC/Panhellenic: President, officer, committee chair, delegate.

Fraternity/Sorority: President, officer, member.

Student Media:  La Pirogue; Nicholls Worth; KNSU; Mosaic; Chez Nous. Editor/manager, Assistant Editor/manager, Business Manager, Staff.

Performing Arts:   Theater; Band; Vocal Ensembles; Dance; (student conductor, lead role, stage manager, officer, production staff, performers).

Visual Arts:  One Person, Group Show.

Intercollegiate Sports:  Athletic team captain, member, student trainer, manager. Cheerleaders, Colonelettes: captain, member. Mascot.

Intramural Sports:  Participant in one major (flag football, volleyball, basketball, softball) or three minor sports.

Service to the University:

Student Support Staff:  Residence Hall Director, Assistant Director, Resident Assistant; Upward Bound staff; Orientation group leader; volunteer tutoring; new-student recruitment activities.

Service on University/college/department committees.


Honor Societies: President, officer, member.

Scholarships:  Academic, merit based. 

Awards:  Honors and recognition on campus and off for University-related activities.  (Mr./Ms. Nicholls, Student Employee of Year; etc.

Academic Recognition:  University, college, department awards; selection to honor society; Author/co-author of publication in refereed journal.

Intramurals:  Campus, state, regional, or national championship

The Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Services has a program of recognizing members of the Division for extra effort in the service of students and Nicholls.

There may be an award in each of the following categories of Student Affairs and Enrollment Services staff: 1) professional staff (classified or unclassified, including admissions counselors), 2) office support staff (clerical and non-clerical office support) 

These awards are to represent the very highest level of service, and their recipients will be selected according to the following criteria:

—   a commitment to high-level performance throughout the year;

—   performance beyond the call of duty, in the areas of initiative, creativity, dedication to his or her work and to the University, willingness to help others, and team-mindedness;

—   self-motivation;

—   enthusiasm and a generally positive approach to his or her work;

—   that the person is an admirable representative of the Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Services and/or of the University.

The staff member must have been an employee of Nicholls State University for at least one year.  He or she may be classified or unclassified, full-time or part-time.  The one year of service must have been completed by September 1 of the current year.


Award Criteria

Nominations should be made based on the following:

~  Achievements contribute to future opportunities for other women
~ Serves as a healthy role model for other women
~ Has contributed to the advancement of her field of study/research/career/ volunteer/interest, etc.
~ Contributes to the historical legacy of women 

~  Activities are consistent with this year’s national theme, “Women Who Advocate for Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion”  (considered but not required) 

Eligibility Requirements:
o Retired employees are eligible if they were employed by Nicholls for any amount of time since March 1, 2023
o Eligible students must be currently enrolled or have graduated in the Fall, 2023 semester.
o Nominations of community members must come from a Nicholls student, faculty, or staff.

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