Office of Student Affairs


Award Nomination Information

The Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Services annually honors teaching faculty for their work with students outside the classroom.  The “Apple Awards” are based on nominations by students, student organizations, faculty and staff, and final selection is by a committee of students, faculty and staff.  The awards will be presented on the day of the Faculty Institute for the fall semester.

Please consider nominating deserving faculty, in accordance with the following criteria:

  1. Outstanding Faculty Advisor of a Student Organization. An award is made to the faculty advisor who has given the most effective guidance to the organization.  This person will have been assiduous in his/her attendance at organizational functions; will have led the group through a difficult problem; will have helped the group to achieve its goals; and/or will have molded leaders for the group. 
  2. Outstanding Faculty Mentor.  An award is given to the faculty member who has contributed most to an individual student’s development; who has encouraged the student to pursue his/her education in the face of hardship; who has taken great interest in the student’s present and future; and/or who has personally gone out of his/her way to help the student.
  3. Outstanding Faculty Support for Student Activities.  An award is given to the faculty member who regularly attends student performances, athletics events, honor-awards ceremonies, fraternity/sorority activities; who donates time, materials or funds to support student activities; and/or who shows visible support for students in a variety of ways. 

Student Affairs Faculty Merit Awards.  An award is given to faculty whose support of students, student activities and Student Affairs mission and goals fall outside the above described categories. 

Nominations may also be emailed to  Additional forms may be downloaded from the Student Affairs website at




The purpose of this report is to create a permanent record of student involvement and achievement outside the classroom.  This record will become a transcript that can be requested in the Registrar’s Office.

Co-Curricular Activity Reporting Forms are completed by the student.  The student must obtain the signature of the activity advisor in order to verify his/her participation in the activity.  List activities and awards by semester from the list presented below. 

The University reserves the right to review this report for appropriateness and University relatedness, and may use the report to determine certain awards and honors.


SGA: President, Vice President, other members of Executive Board, Senator.

SPA: President, Vice President, At-Large Member, other Executive Board member, Committee chairperson, Committee member. 

SEALS: President, Vice President, Director of Insight Theatre, Team Coordinators, team members.

Student Supreme Court: Chairperson, member.

Student Organizations: President, officer, member.

IFC/Panhellenic: President, officer, committee chair, delegate.

Fraternity/Sorority: President, officer, member.

Student Media:  La Pirogue; Nicholls Worth; KNSU; Mosaic; Chez Nous. Editor/manager, Assistant Editor/manager, Business Manager, Staff.

Performing Arts:   Theater; Band; Vocal Ensembles; Dance; (student conductor, lead role, stage manager, officer, production staff, performers).

Visual Arts:  One Person, Group Show.

Intercollegiate Sports:  Athletic team captain, member, student trainer, manager. Cheerleaders, Colonelettes: captain, member. Mascot.

Intramural Sports:  Participant in one major (flag football, volleyball, basketball, softball) or three minor sports.

Service to the University:

Student Support Staff:  Residence Hall Director, Assistant Director, Resident Assistant; Upward Bound staff; Orientation group leader; volunteer tutoring; new-student recruitment activities.

Service on University/college/department committees.


Honor Societies: President, officer, member.

Scholarships:  Academic, merit based. 

Awards:  Honors and recognition on campus and off for University-related activities.  (Mr./Ms. Nicholls, Student Employee of Year; etc.

Academic Recognition:  University, college, department awards; selection to honor society; Author/co-author of publication in refereed journal.

Intramurals:  Campus, state, regional, or national championship

The Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Services has a program of recognizing members of the Division for extra effort in the service of students and Nicholls.

There may be an award in each of the following categories of Student Affairs and Enrollment Services staff: 1) professional staff (classified or unclassified, including admissions counselors), 2) office support staff (clerical and non-clerical office support) 

These awards are to represent the very highest level of service, and their recipients will be selected according to the following criteria:

—   a commitment to high-level performance throughout the year;

—   performance beyond the call of duty, in the areas of initiative, creativity, dedication to his or her work and to the University, willingness to help others, and team-mindedness;

—   self-motivation;

—   enthusiasm and a generally positive approach to his or her work;

—   that the person is an admirable representative of the Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Services and/or of the University.

The staff member must have been an employee of Nicholls State University for at least one year.  He or she may be classified or unclassified, full-time or part-time.  The one year of service must have been completed by September 1 of the current year.