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Assessment Calendar and Tools

Online Card Office
Add Funds
View Transactions
Report Lost Cards
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Assessment Tools:

  1. Classified performance evaluations
  2. Unclassified performance evaluations
  3. I.D. Card Operations Survey
  4. Online Survey
  5. Council Advancement Standards of Higher Education
  6. The following documentation is located in the Director’s office:
  • Maintenance Projection Hardware Cost
  • Yearly Colonel Card Sales
  • Yearly Colonel Card Deposits
  • ID Card Operations Equipment List
  • Marketing Portfolio
  • Focus Group Minutes

Assessment Calendar:

June Classified and Unclassified performance evaluations
September I.D. Card Operations survey
December Annual Goals
Ongoing Online survey
Every five years *CAS

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Need to report a lost or stolen card?

Visit the Online Card Office or call the Colonel Card office: (985) 448-4498.

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