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Assessment Calendar and Tools

Online Card Office
Add Funds
View Transactions
Report Lost Cards
Visa, MasterCard or Discover Accepted

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Assessment Tools:

  1. Classified performance evaluations.
  2. Unclassified performance evaluations.
  3. Freshman Sophomore Survey
  4. Online Survey
  5. The following documentation is located in the Director’s office:
  • Maintenance Projection Hardware Cost
  • Yearly Colonel Card Sales
  • Yearly Colonel Card Deposits
  • ID Card Operations Equipment List

Assessment Calendar:

June Classified and Unclassified performance evaluations
September Survey to freshmen and sophomores
Ongoing Online survey

Please take a minute to complete our survey!



Need to report a lost or stolen card?

Visit the Online Card Office or call the Colonel Card office: (985) 448-4498.

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