The Writing and Rhetoric Concentration helps prepare students for the fastest growing sector of English Studies – Rhetoric and Composition Studies. The program provides students with workforce training and prepares them for graduate study in English.

Courses are offered in the History of Rhetoric, Current Trends in Rhetoric and Composition, and the Teaching of Writing, along with courses required for all English majors. Examples are:

  • Grant Writing, English 498
  • Tech Writing for the Sciences, English 468
  • Business Communication, English 310
  • Approaches to Teaching Writing, English 496
The field of rhetoric and composition explores questions such as …
  • How does writing work?
  • How does technology affect how we communicate?
  • How do we develop as writers – or teach others how to write?

And most fundamentally …

  • How does language shape people’s view of the world, and how can it bring about meaningful change in people’s lives?
Students with an English degree and a concentration in Writing and Rhetoric can potentially enter the following job positions and fields: non-fiction writer, broadcaster, publisher, professional editor, professional/technical writer, writing for the gaming industry, business, teaching, and more.

Advisor: Erick Piller – Erick.Piller@nicholls.edu