Students who wish to resign must complete an official form available in the University College office (for undergraduate students) or in their academic dean’s office (for graduate students). Grades of W are posted through the last day to drop a course or resign. After that date, students will not be permitted to drop a course or resign from the university. Exceptional cases, such as one involving a major illness or accident, may be presented to the student’s academic dean for resolution or processing. A resignation form requires the signatures of the student, academic dean, and the director of Financial Aid. In addition, students receiving financial aid may be required to submit communication from instructors verifying class attendance during the semester or session in question to the Financial Aid office.

A student who leaves the university without properly completing a resignation form will receive grades of F (or FNA) or U (or UNA) in all courses. A student who voluntarily withdraws from the university during a regular semester or summer session is considered a continuing student for purposes of registration for the next semester or session. A student on probation cannot remove his or her probationary status without completing the semester.