Faculty & Staff

Dr. Scott D. Banville

Title: Associate Professor of English
Department: English, Modern Languages & Cultural Studies
Email: scott.banville@nicholls.edu
Office Phone: 985-448-4445
Dept. Phone: 985-448-4453
Office Location: Peltier Hall, 251C



B.A., George Washington University; B. A., Florida Atlantic University; M.A., Florida State University; Ph.D., The Ohio State University


  • English 100 – Intensive English Composition I
  • English 102 – English Composition II
  • English 220 – Introduction to Reading & Research in the Discipline
  • English 310 – Business Communications
  • English 418: Victorian Literature
  • English 468 – Technical Writing for Sciences
  • English 489 – Senior Internship

Dr. Banville has taught at Nicholls since the Fall of 2010. He is currently the Lorio Endowed Professor of Languages & Literature.

He currently serves as Co-Writing Program Administrator (WPA). As Co-WPA he oversees the curriculum development for all writing courses such as ENGL 101 and 102 as well as upper division writing courses such as ENGL 366 and 368 as well as working with faculty on pedagogical development.

He is the founder of the Undergraduate Humanities Symposium which is now part of Scholars Expeaux. He is also the founding editor of Chênière: The Nicholls Undergraduate Humanities Review and currently serves as one of the faculty editors. He also serves on the Fletcher Lecture Committee.

Dr. Banville serves as the faculty advisor for Nicholls State Cycling & Triathlon, a club sport.