Disciplines within the Department of Psychology, Counseling and Family Studies are rich and diverse. One attribute that unites us is that all of our programs are very student-oriented. We provide an educational experience in and outside of the classroom (both face-to-face and online) which promotes development, critical thinking and maturity in our students. Our department has a tradition of excellence in teaching, research and service and we offer some of the best undergraduate and graduate programs at Nicholls State University.

Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology or The Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology with a Concentration in Pre-Counseling. Graduate students can pursue one of our department’s three professional degrees; the master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, the master’s in School Counseling or the specialist degree in School Psychology. We also have student organizations, academic clubs and special-interest clubs which provide both social and academic experiences.

Our department has experts in child development, experimental psychology, forensic psychology, counseling, family law, neuropsychology and school psychology. Maintaining expertise is an on-going, laborious procedure often involving licensure and re-licensure. In addition, wherever eligible, our programs pursue national or regional accreditation, again a rigorous process.

As academics, we hold ourselves to these standards to assure that our students obtain an education of the “highest quality”. Students and faculty form a community; our students are active participants in that community, they energetically pursue that “quality”.

To quote Robert Persig (a philosopher who focuses on “quality”): “[t]he place to improve the world is first in one’s own heart and head and hands.” Please explore the information on our webpage. We provide a broad base of understanding human behavior that will serve you well in any endeavor you choose. If you are interested in our Department’s undergraduate or graduate degrees, we would welcome the chance to explore the options our programs open for you to enhance all aspects of your personal development. We would like to work with you to enable you to become a person of the “highest quality”.

Dr. Kimberly Reynolds, LPC
Department Head and Professor of Psychology, Counseling, and Family Studies

Degree Programs


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