Crime Reporting

The Department of University Police constantly works toward the goal of a safe and secure campus, and to that end, it is our policy to encourage accurate and prompt crime reporting.

Emergency calls or requests for police service are initiated through the complaint desk by dialing 985.448.4911 (on campus, Ext. 4911) or by reporting to the office location on Ardoyne Drive at its intersection with Acadia Drive.

Non-emergency calls or requests for police service are initiated by dialing 985.448.4746 (on campus, Ext. 4746) or by reporting directly to the police office.

Depending on the seriousness and nature of the emergency condition, the appropriate university office will be notified, or the problem will be addressed directly by the police officer investigating it, if it is within his/her jurisdiction to do so.

Emergency call boxes provided by the Student Government Association have been installed at strategic locations on campus. The installation of these emergency telephones creates a communication network with campus police for instant assistance or reporting a crime.