About University Police


University police officers are responsible for a full range of police services, including, but not limited to, responding to service calls, medical emergencies, fire emergencies, traffic accidents and any requests requiring police assistance. The Department of University Police DOES NOT handle parking tickets. Visit the Office of Parking Services for assistance with parking and parking citations.


University police officers are commissioned by the Louisiana Department of Public Safety. Louisiana Revised Statutes 17:1805 grants university police officers law enforcement powers, authority and responsibilities identical to the local police or parish deputy in one’s home community. Each officer must successfully complete a post-certified basic course on law enforcement. All officers receive additional in-service or specialized training in first aid, CPR, firearms, investigation techniques and other areas.


Nicholls operates under a two-tiered system of sanctions. When students are brought to the Department of University Police in association with a crime which is also a violation of the Code of Student Conduct, they will be referred to the dean of student life and may also have criminal charges brought against them. Thus, the final results of a student’s association with any criminal activity may be suspension or expulsion, as well as arrest.

Further, the dean of student life may officially ban a student from the campus or from specific parts of the campus, including residence halls. The Department of University Police will also monitor off-campus activities of student organizations. Illegal activity can result in arrest, suspension or expulsion.