Frequently Asked Questions and Services

For Parking Tag, Parking Rules, Parking Office Hours, and any other questions regarding Parking at Nicholls, please visit the Parking Web Page by Clicking Here.

I locked my keys in my office – what do I do?
During regular business hours, you should contact your Department Head.  After hours or during University closures, call 985-448-4746 to speak with a dispatcher and a police officer will be sent to your location as soon as one is available. Be sure to tell the dispatcher where you will meet the officer and be prepared to show the officer your ID card.  The University Police Department does not open offices for Student Workers or Graduate Assistants without prior, written permission from the faculty or staff member to whom the office is assigned.


Can I be fingerprinted at the University Police Department?
Yes, the University Police provides fingerprinting services to current students, faculty, and staff (for Nursing School or Student Teaching, for Social Work Licenses for Practical, etc).   You must go to Fee Collections at Elkins Hall and pay a fee of $5.00.  Afterwards, come to University Police with your state issued identification.  If you need fingerprints taken for any other reason (off-campus job, court, etc), then you must have them done at the at the Thibodaux Police Department or the Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office.
How do I get a copy of a police report?
You may request a copy of the police report by clicking here. You may also call or come by the police department to request a report. You will be notified either by email or someone will call you when the report is ready.   Please allow 3 to 5 business days before requesting a copy of the report.  Crime victims will be notified of the disposition of their case within 30 days.


Can I make a police report over the phone?
Official police reports cannot be taken over the telephone.  If you are the victim of or witness to a crime, call the University Police Department at 985-448-4746 and the first available officer will be sent to meet with you.   Be sure to tell the dispatcher where you will meet the officer and be prepared to show the officer your identification.  You also may come to the Nicholls State University Police Department and file a report in person.


How do I request a presentation by a police officer?
You can request that a police officer give a presentation to your group by contacting Stephen Sparks at or by calling the police department at 985-448-4746.


Does the University Police Department have student positions?
The University Police actively seeks students who are interested in learning more about the Law Enforcement profession or who need student worker jobs at Nicholls.  Positions available:
– Campus Student Officer

– Parking Enforcement

To apply for a student position, contact or come by the department.  If you are interested in becoming a Campus Student Officer (CSO), you may also apply online by clicking here.


Is it safe to walk on campus at night?
Yes, provided you take some simple steps to enhance your safety.  First of all be alert to suspicious people or circumstances.  If something or someone doesn’t seem right to you, go to a well-lit populated area and notify the police.  Travel in well lit, well-traveled areas and try not to walk alone.  Familiarize yourself with the locations of emergency phones around campus – if you ever have a problem these are a direct line to the University Police.