Family Housing

The Nicholls Family Housing complex provides a convenient and comfortable place for students to complete their education while caring for their family. The complex contains 20 one- and two-bedroom apartments.


To live in the Nicholls family apartments, a student must be full-time, carrying a minimum of 12 semester hours for undergraduates (or nine for graduates). Summer session enrollment is not required for new or continuing students enrolled for the fall semester. All occupants must be listed on the Family Housing Contract.

Priority of assignment will be granted in the following order:

  1. Students with dependents
  2. Students with co-habitants who are not eligible for assignment to the residence halls
  3. Emergency housing for faculty/staff (term not to exceed six months)
  4. Graduate students
  5. Students eligible for assignment to the residence halls

Each apartment contains:

  • a stove
  • a refrigerator
  • free basic cable
  • telephone outlets
  • outdoor storage unit
  • living/dining room
  • closets
  • cabinets
  • bathroom
  • one or two bedrooms
  • (internet is not provided)

Rates (does not include electricity, cable or telephone service):

  • $535 per month for one-bedroom apartment
  • $595 per month for two-bedroom apartment

Frequently Asked Questions about Family Housing

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