Online BA in English via Nicholls Online

Students can earn a Bachelor of Arts in English via Nicholls Online. The Department of Languages and Literature will offer courses during both Spring 2013 terms–Term 1: January 23 – March 14 and Term 2: March 18- May 15.

Courses offered during Term 1: January 23 – March 14:

ENGL 101–English Composition I

ENGL 102–English Composition II

SPAN 101–Elementary Spanish I

Courses offered during Term 2: March 18- May 15:

ENGL 101–English Composition I

ENGL 102–English Composition II

ENGL 210–Themes in Literature: The Lost Generation

ENGL 220–Writing and Research in the Discipline

ENGL 368–Technical Writing for the Sciences

SPAN 102–Elementary Spanish II

Not sure a degree in English is for you? Michael Bérubé, past president of the Modern Language Association, points out English majors score higher on a range of critical thinking skills as measured by the Collegiate Learning Assessment than business or even science majors. Because the skills and mindset you develop as an English major are so versatile, graduates are prepared for a variety of careers as well as prestigious graduate and professional schools.