Tutoring Center: Sign up for tutoring in Peltier 143/144, or complete an online application. 
Writing Center: Schedule appointments in Peltier 143/144, or call 985-448-4100.


To improve retention, the Nicholls State Tutorial and Academic Enhancement Center assists students in enhancing their learning potential and developing academic proficiency.  Using skilled, knowledgeable peer tutors, the center fosters intellectual discipline, study skills, student confidence, and independent learning.


In an effort to improve retention, The Tutorial & Academic Enhancement Center at Nicholls State University is committed to assisting students in enhancing their learning potential and developing proficiency in their academic endeavors.


Divided into two areas, The Tutoring Center and The Writing Center, the Tutorial & Academic Enhancement Center is staffed mostly by peer tutors, students who can relate to and understand the challenges that other students face.  A variety of options are available to meet student needs, including recurring sessions, one-time appointments and drop-ins based on availability.

The Tutoring Center provides small group peer tutoring to students in once weekly 60 minute sessions.  Walk-in services are also available;  however, hours and days vary by semester depending on tutor availability. Students can sign up for tutoring in 143 Peltier or by completing an online Tutoring Application Form.   For more information call 985.448.4100 or come by to make an appointment.

The Writing Center focuses on assisting students in writing assignments in any discipline. Sessions are 30 minutes each, one-on-one with a tutor.  Students can make writing appointments by phone at 985.448.4100 or in 144 Peltier.

  • Nicholls Online – Students enrolled in online classes exclusively may seek assistance by submitting writing assignments to: tutoring@nicholls.edu