2.14.2. Faculty Non-reappointment Reasons Notification

“Non–reappointment” is a means of separation by which the University ends its employment relationship with probationary or term contract faculty at the end of a contract period. The decision not to reappoint probationary contract faculty rests, in the final instance, with the President and is based on recommendations of the Vice President for Academic Affairs, Deans, and Department Heads. The following Board of Supervisors policy concerns non–reappointment of probationary contract faculty:

“An appointment carries no assurance of reappointment, promotion or tenure. Reappointments are made solely at the discretion of the institution. The non–reappointment of a faculty member does not necessarily reflect on the faculty member’s work record or behavior. The determination to reappoint or not to reappoint should be based upon a review of the specific conditions relating to the position. “ Reasons

A notice of non–reappointment is not a dismissal for cause, and probationary or term contract faculty have no contractual right to employment beyond the expiration of their contracts; therefore, the written notice need not state reasons. Though written notice need not state reasons, the Board of Supervisors provides guidelines for non–reappointment that include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following:

  • formal discontinuance of a degree or program area;
  • declining enrollments;
  • bona fide financial exigency;
  • overstaffing;
  • failure to meet the expectations of basic responsibilities of employment (Section 2.7) and/or of meritorious performance, (Section 2.9) as documented in the annual performance review;
  • incongruence, as determined by the President, between the professional interests of the faculty member and written and published plans of the department, college, or University.

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Unless an appointment is of a temporary nature or for a fixed term, notice that a probationary appointment is not to be renewed shall be given to the faculty member in writing by the appropriate academic administrator in advance of the expiration of the appointment as follows:

  1.  not later than March 1 of the first academic year of service if the appointment expires at the end of that year; or if a one–year appointment terminates during an academic year or at least three months in advance of its termination;
  2.  not later than December 15 of the second academic year of service if the appointment expires at the end of that academic year, or at least six months in advance of termination.
  3.  at least 12 months before the expiration of an appointment after two or more years of service at the institution.

Instructors on fixed–term appointments (specifying beginning and ending dates), lecturers, and other special appointees are employed on term contracts and are not covered by a, b, and c above.

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