2.10.4 Performance Assessment of Part-Time Faculty (Adjunct)

The purpose is to provide a mechanism for evaluation of part-time faculty member’s teaching effectiveness. The data are to be used for personal and professional growth and in determining faculty reappointment.

Part-time faculty should have the advantage of various sources of input in regard to the effectiveness of their teaching and interaction.  The process of evaluation or appraisal provides an impetus toward assessing and implementing professional growth and development and for determining faculty reappointment.

  1. Part-time faculty will be evaluated at least once annually by the Department Head.
  2. Part-time faculty will be evaluated at least once annually by students enrolled in courses for which the part-time faculty members are assigned.
  3. The department head will use the evaluation form approved for part-time faculty by the designated college.
  4. The department head will share the results with the part-time faculty member being reviewed.  Results of student evaluations will be reviewed with the respective part-time faculty upon receipt from the Office of Assessment and Institutional Research.  The part-time faculty member and department head will sign and date the summary evaluation indicating a review has occurred and results were shared.
  5. The completed evaluation tools are to be kept on file in the respective department.


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