1.12. Vice President for Student Affairs

The Vice President for Student Affairs, who reports to the President, is the chief student affairs officer directing and supervising all student–related programs, functions, and services outside the classroom. The Vice President for Student Affairs is responsible for supervising the following; Dean of Students; Student Government Association; the Director of Student Wellness and Support Services; and the Director of Residential Living.

Student Affairs is charged with the care, safety and development of students outside the classroom. Its role is to facilitate meaningful, inclusive, holistic, and broad-based student experiences that enhance the academic experience and contribute to student success. Student Affairs facilitates opportunities for students to interact with others, develop social skills, and become leaders in a global environment.  The Vice President engages with the local and broader communities for the benefit of the student experience.

1.12.1  Offices Reporting Directly to the Vice President for Student Affairs  Dean of Students

The Dean of Students is the administrator responsible for student engagement and student compliance and provides leadership that facilitates student involvement and leadership development.  The Dean of Students supervises the following: Director of Compliance and Ethical Development; Director of Career Services, Greek Life Coordinator, Coordinator of Student Organizations and the Student Programming Advisor; and the Student Affairs Case Manager. Director of Student Wellness and Support Services

The Director of Student Wellness and Support Services provides oversight for individuals responsible for mental health services, medical health services, wellness, fitness and prevention, and access for those with disabilities; provides leadership that facilitates the provision of high quality direct support and clinical services that meet the current students’ needs. The director supervises the Counseling Center, Health Services, Student Access Center, and Campus Recreation. Student Government Association

The Nicholls Student Senate and Executive Board are made up of diversified students dedicated to serving, representing and unifying the student body of Nicholls. As a team, the mission is accomplished by exercising proper resource management, acting as the students’ voice and sponsoring projects and events that create a bond among the Nicholls community. To this end, we strive to create the best possible college experience for all students. Director of Residential Living

The Office of Residential Living supports student success by providing dynamic residential communities and co-curricular experiences which are safe, secure, and advance the educational mission of Nicholls State University.  The Director supervises staff who carry out facilities management, logistical needs, direct student support, and internal student accountability.  Residential Living facilitates student development including independent living and healthy decision making.

1.12.2 Groups Reporting Directly to the Vice President for Student Affairs  Family Day Committee

Purpose:  The university designates one home football game each fall as Family Day and invites the students’ and employees’ families to attend. The campus departments, students, and organizations provide family and children activities. The Athletic Departments offer reduced price tickets to the football game. This committee plans, coordinates, and attends the event.

Reports to:  Vice President for Student Affairs

Membership (21):

  • Academic Affairs
  • Academic Services
  • Alumni Affairs
  • Assistant to the Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Athletics
  • Auxiliary Services
  • Campus Recreation
  • Dean of Students
  • Director of External Affairs
  • Facilities
  • Grounds
  • Marketing and Communications
  • NSU Bookstore
  • Purchasing
  • Reservations
  • Residential Living
  • SGA President
  • SPA President
  • SPA/Student Activities
  • Sodexo
  • Student Union/Event Planning

Duties/ Procedures:

  • Convened by the chair at least once during the summer and fall semesters and otherwise as needed.
  • Plans and coordinates all Family Day activities.  Homecoming Court Committee

Purpose: The Homecoming Court Committee will review each eligible Homecoming application and will follow the application and selection process approved by the President’s Cabinet.  The committee will be appointed by the second Friday of the semester in which Homecoming falls.

Reports to:  Vice President for Student Affairs

Membership (14):

  • SGA President (non-voting Homecoming Panel Chair)
  • SPA President
  • SGA DEI Council
  • NAACP Appointed by their President
  • Dean’s Council will appoint (2) students who are not associated with large organizations and represent the general student population
  • Faculty members appointed by the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs or Faculty Senate (2)
  • Unclassified Staff member
  • Classified Staff member
  • Alumni appointed by the Alumni Federation (2)
  • Immediate past King
  • Immediate past Queen

Duties/ Procedures:

Follow the most recently approved procedures. All Panel members must sign a confidentiality agreement prior to the first meeting or access to materials.  Colonel CARE (Coordinate, Assess, Respond, Educate) Team

Purpose: The CARE Team consists of university personnel with expertise in law enforcement/threat assessment/tactical applications, residence life, student affairs, medical and mental health, disability services and compliance. Membership is based on the position and not the individual. The members selected have regular contact with campus community members in some capacity, which will aid in assessment of persons of concern. Members have the authority to receive a CARE recommendation and take the appropriate action. A collaborative process to assess concerns will be used. Depending on the situation, personnel with areas of specialization or responsibility may be called upon to assist the Team. The Team may also consult with other individuals as needed such as a faculty member who has a concern about a student.  A professional counselor, who has information concerning a student, faculty and or staff, may also be consulted (with a signed consent).

Reports to:  Vice President for Student Affairs

Membership (5):

  • Dean of Students (chair)
  • Residential Housing
  • Compliance
  • Case Management
  • Forensic Psychologist

Duties/ Procedures:

  • Coordinate a structured method of intervention with a student to address behaviors that may be related to mental health or safety issues which could potentially cause distress within the university community.
  • Facilitate referrals to appropriate university or community entities for students in physical, situational, or psychological distress.
  • Monitor and provide a systematic response to situations involving students, faculty, or staff whose behavior or condition may be disruptive or harmful to themselves or others in the University community, or students who pose a direct threat (or create distress) to themselves or others.
  • Provide a multidisciplinary team of medical, psychological, law enforcement, and administrative professionals to conduct a situation assessment and to classify the generalized risk to the student and University community.
  • Determine what, if any, intervention tools are appropriate to address the situation.
  • Educate, consult, and support faculty, staff and administration creating awareness and access to resources for student support.  Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) Task Force

Purpose: The AOD Task Force proactively reviews, assesses, and coordinates current AOD related policies, protocols, and procedures across campus to support consistency in content and application.  It addresses alcohol and other drug use behaviors that pose potential risk and negative academic and personal consequences for students. Additionally, it monitors and supports risk reduction and health promotion efforts.

Reports to:  Vice President for Student Affairs

Membership (14):

  • Chair – Director of Student Compliance and Ethical Development
  • Dean of Students
  • Representative from Student Wellness and Support Services
  • Representative from Auxiliary Services
  • Representative from Food Services (Sodexo)
  • Representative from Residential Living
  • Representative from Human Resources
  • Representative from Academic Services
  • Coordinator of Greek Life
  • Representative from University Police
  • Representative from Athletics
  • Student Representative from Student Wellness Team
  • Resident Student Representative
  • Commuter Student Representative

Duties/ Procedures:

  • Review and utilize the CORE Survey data to understand the campus climate related to AOD use/misuse.
  • Contribute to the Biennial Review Report by providing data and other information specific to members’ areas of responsibility.
  • Monitor and ensure university compliance with federal AOD requirements.
  • Review and provide recommendations for all AOD related policies, protocols, and procedures across campus.
  • Contribute to a comprehensive AOD prevention and education program.
  • Contribute to the campus wide communication of AOD policies, support services, and behavioral expectations.
  • Maintain a presence at all AOD programs.  Discipline Committee (See Section  Social and Community Concerns Committee (See Section Student Organizations Committee (See Section


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