1. 10. Assistant Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness, Access, and Success

1.10 Vice President for Finance and Administration

The Vice President for Finance and Administration/Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is the principal administrator of the University’s business activities and financial affairs. The following report directly to the CFO:  Controller’s Office, Budget Officer, Budget and Finance Assistant Athletic Director, Purchasing and Support Services Administration, Assistant Vice President for Human Resources/Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer/EEO Coordinator/Title IX Coordinator, University Police, Auxiliary Services, Information Technology, Alumni External Affairs and Institutional Development, Health/Safety/Environmental and Emergency Operations Center, and Facility Services and Project Management.

1.10.1 Financial Services/Controller

The Controller is the principal administrator responsible for the daily financial functions of the University ranging from accounts payable, accounts receivable, fee collections, cash deposits, payroll, financial records, financial reporting, grants and contracts and budgets. The following report to the office of Financial Services/Controller: Accounts Payable; Fee Collection; Payroll/Grants Administration, and Financial Reporting.

1.10.2 Budget Office

The purpose of the Budget Office is to assist University leadership in the development of operating budgets and financial plans.  The Budget Office also serves as a planning partner to academic and administrative units providing the tools, knowledge, and analysis necessary to plan and assess revenue and expense needs.

1.10.3 University Police

The purpose of the Department of University Police is to ensure that the Nicholls campus is a safe, secure environment for students, employees, community members and visitors.

1.10.4 Facility Services and Project Management

The Superintendent of Facility and Project Management is responsible for the long–term planning, utilization and allocation of the physical facilities of the University. Specifically, the Superintendent is responsible for the development, implementation and revision of the Facilities Master Plan for the University, the allocation of University’s physical resources in a manner consistent with the Master Plan, coordinating the planning and completion of new construction projects for the University, and coordinating the planning and completion of renovations to existing facilities of the University.

1.10.5 Purchasing and Support Services Administration

The purpose of the University Purchasing Office is to assist with the acquisition of materials and services necessary for the functioning of the University. The Director of Purchasing has the responsibility to assure that all departments are in compliance with all applicable state, federal and University requirements. The Director also supervises the University receiving department and insures that purchased items are received, maintained, and distributed to purchasers in a timely and effective manner. All requests for materials or services should go through the Purchasing Office. The Purchasing Office serves as the inventory control office for the University.

For information on purchasing procedures, refer to the Purchasing Manual which is available on the Purchasing Office website.

1.10.6 Auxiliary Services

The Director of Auxiliary Services is the principal administrator of University food and catering services, physical facilities housing student and community activities, the Student Union, the Bookstore, and the Post Office.

1.10.7 Information Technology

The Chief Information Officer oversees all technology used within the university.  Information Technologies was formed in 2011 combining the two units of University Computer Services and Academic Computing. University Computer services assists students, faculty, staff, and administrators with their data processing needs. The Department of Academic Computing provides computer and instructional technology support to students and faculty.

1.10.8 Assistant Vice President for Human Resources/Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer/EEO Coordinator/Title IX Coordinator

The Assistant Vice President for Human Resources and Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer serves as the Chief Human Resources Officer and Chief Officer for Inclusive Excellence. Reporting to the Vice President for Finance and Administration with additional reporting of specific matters directly to the President, the AVP HR/CDIO is charged with providing executive level leadership in all aspects of the University’s organizational development, human resources, Title IX, campus safety, and risk management services.  The AVP/CDIO takes a leadership role in enabling and ensuring diversity, equity, inclusion, and engagement in all aspects of the campus community.  Human Resources

The Director of Human Resources serves as the University affirmative action/equal opportunity compliance officer and is the principal administrator responsible for administering institutional personnel policies and practices for staff and faculty. Groups Reporting Directly to the Assistant Vice President for Human Resources/Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer/EEO Coordinator/Title IX Coordinator  Diversity and Inclusion Taskforce  Sexual Assault Taskforce

1.10.9 Budget and Finance Assistant Athletic Director

The Budget and Finance Assistant Athletic Director oversees all financial transactions, accounting, and financial reporting within the Athletic Department, including but not limited to the operating budget, the foundation budget, and monetary distributions from the Conference for programs and student assistance. The position works closely with support staff and team coaches to monitor the financial activities of teams and overall budget expectations. This position also has reporting responsibilities to the Athletic Director of the University.

1.10.10 Health/Safety/Environment and Emergency Operations Center

The Director of Environmental Health and Safety/Emergency Operations Center has oversight and management responsibilities for the health/safety welfare of the entire university.  This position routinely advises the Administration on emergency matters and environmental threats to the university. The position also coordinates closely with all departments and colleges on campus as well as routinely collaborates with the Superintendent of Facility Services, University Police Chief, and Department of University Health Services.

1.10.11 Alumni/External Affairs and Institutional Development

The Executive Director for Alumni and External Affairs oversees all areas involving alumni affairs and relationships, external affairs including governmental and community relationships, camps, conferences, and continuing education programs, institutional development activities of the university relating to fund raising and endowments, and working collaboratively with the Nicholls State University Foundation and its Executive Director.

1.10.12 Groups Reporting Directly to the Vice President for Finance and Administration  Student Technology Fee Committee

Purpose: The Student Technology Fee (Committee) is governed by Act No. 1450 of the regular session and is under supervision by each institution in higher education.

Reports to:  Vice President for Finance and Administration

Membership (17):

  • SGA President (or Designee) (1)
  • SGA Vice President (1)
  • Student member from each college (1)
  • Student members at large appointed by SGA President (2)
  • Faculty member from each college (6)
  • Member from Library (1)
  • Student members from Student Affairs and Student Life (2)
  • Director of Academic Computing (ex-officio)
  • Chief Information Officer (ex-officio)
  • University Administration (ex-officio)

Duties/ Procedures:

The committee is required to pass an overall budget that outlines the major categories of expenditures. Reviews and votes on which technology fee proposals will get funded and for what amount.  Continuing Education Committee (See Section  Compliance Committee (See Section  Parking/Traffic Appeals Committee (See Section  Parking Policy Committee (See Section


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