4.22. Time Sheets, Attendance Records, Certification of Payroll and Attendance

Rule 15.2 states that “the appointing authority or his agent designated for this purpose shall certify on each payroll or subsidiary documents the fact of the actual rendering of service in the position, the actual number of hours of attendance on duty, and the number of hours of absence from duty. Each employee shall certify also the fact of the actual rendering of service, the number of hours of attendance on duty and the number of hours of absence from duty.”

Unreported leave results in money loss to an agency. The proper certification of the “actual” rendering of duty, (of attendance on duty, of absence from duty) is a very important and serious duty of each employee. Signatures of both employee and supervisor on a time sheet attest to the actual rendering of duty.

Time sheets should never be completed in a careless manner. They will be in legible form with no strikeovers or erasures. They will contain no stamped signatures. They must contain all absences, as well as all hours on duty. They will be checked and re–checked for accuracy and will be turned in immediately following the termination of each payroll period to the Controller’s Office.

In compliance with Rule 15.2 and for avoiding error or falsification of attendance reports, the following guidelines are submitted for use:

1. Except in emergency situations, request leave in writing.

2. Keep a record of all requests for leave and of all absences.

3. Certify all absences on time sheet. For any absence, attach Form SF 6 (Application for Leave).

In remarks on Form SF 6, show

  • If Annual: whether vacation, home responsibilities, sickness at home, etc. This is not absolutely necessary but provides more effective record keeping.
  • If Sick: It is necessary on Form SF 6 to describe or indicate nature of illness. Be specific. Attach physician’s certificate where required.
  • If Civil: It is necessary to identify what type (jury duty or witness), furnish source of order, place appeared, location.
  • If Special: If voting in an election, provide location where voting occurred. If taking a Civil Service examination, provide type of exam taken and where taken. Furnish results of examination as soon as received. If results of examination are not furnished, then this leave will become annual leave.
  • If Educational            : Give name of course, period, instructor (ex., English 101, 1MWF, Mr. Doe). Or if the training is through a conference, meeting, workshop, seminar, give subjects covered, where held, and sponsor or coordinator.
  • If Family Medical: Leave should comply with Family Medical Leave policy. Certify number of hours of sick annual or leave without pay as approved.
  • If Maternity: Leave should comply with authorization in accordance with maternity leave policy. Certify number of hours of sick, annual, or leave without pay as approved.
  • If Leave: Do not wait until time sheets are submitted to notify of leave without pay.
  • Without Pay: notification of leave without pay should be given to Human Resources immediately upon knowledge of it. Before going on leave or requesting leave, employees who are unsure of leave balances should check with Personnel Services.
  • If Death In Family: Certify the name of deceased and relationship to employee. Example: Mr. John Doe, father, Mrs. Katie Doe, husband’s aunt.



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