5.9. Student Affairs and Enrollment Services Programs and Policies

5.9.1 Auxiliary Services Union Services and Facilities Identification Card Operations Food Services Mail services Bookstore Services Textbook Selection Timeline for Adoption of Materials, Changes and Modifications of Materials for Coursework Reporting procedure for adoptions and modifications of textbooks by faculty members and/or departments Communication of Textbook and Material Information Charging Merchandise to Department Operating or Agency Account’s

5.9.2 Enrollment Services Orientation Admission and Enrollment International Student Affairs Admission Processing Financial Aid, Scholarships, and Student Employment Senior Citizen Program Veterans’ Affairs

5.9.3 Student Life Campus Recreation Parking Enforcement University Police Residential Services Student Activities/Greek Life

5.9.4 Student Services Career Counseling and Development Career Placement Services Cooperative Education Disability/Testing Services Procedures for Test Administration Counseling Center Health Services Peer Assistance/Health Educator Drug and Alcohol Prevention Program Sexual Assault Prevention Program

5.9.5 Student Government Association

5.9.1 Auxiliary Services

The following report to the chief administrator of Auxiliary Services: Colonel Card; Continuing Education, Non–credit; Contracted Services; Housing Operations; and Student Union.

Back to Top Union Services and Facilities

The Student Union is located in the center of Nicholls State University campus. The Student Union is a multi–purpose facility offering a variety of services to students, faculty, and staff. Some of the departments located in the Student Union are Residential Services, Student Life, Greek Life, Student Government Association, Placement Office, Union Services and Facilities, Student Programming Association, Health Services, Food Service, Post Office, and the University Bookstore.

The Office of Union Services and Facilities provides dining and catering services, rental and reservation space, and coordinates conference arrangements. University departments may reserve non–academic facilities without charge, and full–time faculty and staff may reserve facilities for personal use at a reduced rate. Full details and guidelines concerning the facility reservation process are available through the Union Services and Facilities’ Office.

Dining services are available for full meal service and a la carte service during the regular semester periods. Faculty and staff may dine in Acadia Hall Cafeteria, which offers a full service, “all you can eat” menu. Acadia Hall guests may pay cash or purchase the commuter/faculty 10–meal plan card.

Le Bistro and Le Melange located in the Student Union offer a wide variety of menu choices. Le Bistro is a table service dining facility and Le Melange is a full service snack bar operation. The food service department also provides catering and concession services to the Nicholls State University community.

The food service contractor has exclusive rights to the sale and serving of alcoholic beverages to be consumed on the Nicholls State University campus.

Alcoholic beverages may be served and/or consumed in the Student Union building (includes the Colonel’s Brigade Room as a recognized extension of the Student Union facility) or other University sites as designated by the President of the University or his or her designated administrator under controlled conditions to members of the institution community as set forth by University regulations. See policies regarding Alcohol, Drugs, and Tobacco Products in Section Twelve of the Code of Student Conduct.

All University employees should contact the food service contractor about the use of alcoholic beverages during University events.

Back to Top Identification Card Operations

Student I.D. cards are issued to or validated for all students by the Student Life Office during registration. The card is valid only for the semester issued/validated and only while the student is enrolled. The card includes a student snapshot, identification/ social security number, and the date of birth. Student I.D. cards also serve as meal cards for resident students. These are validated during registration by the Office of University Food Service in Acadia Hall.

The non–transferable card permits a student to check out library books, to pick up checks from the fee collection center, and to participate in campus activities such as athletic and special events. Price of the card is included in fees charged at registration; there is a nominal replacement charge.

Back to Top Food Services

Food Services is located in Acadia Hall Cafeteria, a spacious centralized dining facility offering student–oriented menus and a wide range of services to the campus community including a 19 meal plan for resident students (see Housing/Meal Plan), a commuter–faculty meal plan, cash prices to the public, traditional local cuisine, and a catering department that is available to accommodate the hospitality needs of the University public.

La Melange, a full–service snack bar area, is located in the Student Union and offers a wide selection of food and beverages at reasonable prices. Le Bistro pub and restaurant is also located in the Student Union and features specialty sandwiches and burgers.

The Student Union Snack Bar offers a wide selection of food and beverage. Hot and cold sandwiches, local entrees, salads, snacks, and pastries are featured daily for the customer’s convenience and taste preference.

Back to Top Mail services

Faculty and staff members are assigned mailboxes, usually centrally located within the building in which their offices are located (Department Head’s office or the Dean’s office for faculty). During the academic year, both inter–campus and U.S. mail are delivered to and picked up from such locations at least once daily. The University’s central mail facility is located in Picciola Hall. Campus correspondence boxes are located in the offices of the University Deans. Since interdepartmental and administrative notices, announcements, and other University business are distributed through campus correspondence, it is recommended that the faculty and staff members check mail daily. University franking privileges shall not be used for personal mail.

Postage: Postage is provided through departmental budgets for mail dealing with University business. All University mail to be metered should have a complete return address including the appropriate departmental charge number. Mail to be metered should be in the Post Office by 2:00 p.m. Metered mail should be sorted by Zip Code.

The University has a bulk mailing permit that should be used for large quantity mailings that qualify for bulk rates. Information regarding the use of the permit may be obtained from the Post Office.

Post Office (ZIP 70310): The University Post Office serves as a contract station for the United States Federal Post Office. The Post Office is located in the Student Union Building and provides students, faculty, and administration with a variety of postal services. Each department of the University has an assigned post office box; faculty and staff who wish to secure a personal post office box may rent one. There is one mail delivery at 7:30 a.m. and one collection at 4:30 p.m.

All outgoing mail for official University business is metered through the Post Office. Personal mail may not be included with University mail for metered stamping.

Back to Top Bookstore Services

Faculty/staff should be aware of the services available from the University Bookstore both in terms of ordering the necessary texts, materials, and supplies for their students as well as how to obtain materials necessary for the performance of their duties. Since procedures for purchasing items to be charged to departmental accounts are slightly different for some departments, it is recommended that faculty and staff members consult with Department Heads or supervisors for instructions. In addition, faculty/staff, at their own expense, may purchase any of a wide variety of items available at the Bookstore. A 10% discount on all items (except books) is available to faculty/staff with proper identification.

Back to Top Textbook Selection

The University has established the following policy regarding adoption of textbook and course materials.  This policy has been established in accordance with University of Louisiana System Policy Number FB-XIII.III.-1a.

Selection of textbooks and materials are departmental faculty responsibilities.  Decisions involving adoptions and changes of textbook and materials are made by the academic department.  Improvement of instruction is of primary concern when decisions are made regarding textbook and material selection, however, economic considerations cannot be ignored. Textbooks are adopted for at least a two year period.  Bookstore staff are available to work with faculty in the development and/or selection of materials, including supplemental readings, packaged or alternative publications, etc.

The timeline and procedure below have been established to ensure that books and materials required for classes will be available for students prior to the beginning of the semester.  The procedure will also assure that students have access to textbook and course material information early enough to make cost effective decisions regarding their purchase.

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<h5 Timeline for Adoption of Materials, Changes and Modifications of Materials for Coursework

The following timeline has been established to allow sufficient time for all vendors to participate or conduct buyback purchase decisions and determine orders for the following semester; and to allow for the information to be made available to students at least 45 days prior to the start of the semester (to the maximum extent practicable):


  • March 20 – deadline to notify Bookstore that textbook and/or course materials will not be continued.
  • May 1 – deadline for submission of Course Book and Material Information Request Form


  • October 20 – deadline to notify Bookstore that textbook and/or course materials will not be continued.
  • November 1 – deadline for submission of Course Book and Material Information Request Form

Back to Top   Reporting procedure for adoptions and modifications of textbooks by faculty members and/or departments

The Bookstore will provide faculty a Course Book and Material Information Request form which requires faculty to provide the following information:

  • the title, author, International Standard Book Number (ISBN) and edition of texts;
  • the required, recommended and supplemental status of materials;
  • an indication of whether the book/materials is required, recommended or supplemental;
  • an indication of whether previous editions are acceptable.
  • the maximum enrollment for the class;
  • the estimated enrollment in class and;
  • the section number of courses.

This form must be submitted to the Bookstore by the deadlines specified in Section on Timeline.

Back to Top  Communication of Textbook and Material Information

The Bookstore, as the “Central Custodian” of information regarding textbook and materials required for classes, will make the information available through the University’s internet website at least 45 days prior to the start of semester.  The Bookstore will respond to requests and/or inquiries regarding textbook and material adoption information and, if unable to fully respond to requests, will refer the inquiry to the Office of Auxiliary Services.

The University will make the website link for textbook and material information available through the College Portrait page and will also provide the information with registration and orientation information provided to students and their families

Back to Top Charging Merchandise to Department Operating or Agency Account’s

All merchandise is to be requisitioned on the white Bookstore Requisition form (acquired from the Purchasing Department). The top portion of this form should be completely filled out and sent through proper departments for necessary signatures and distribution. The bottom half should contain as much information as possible to fill the order, such as part numbers, colors, and sizes. Emergency charges may be obtained by sending a memo to the Bookstore on letterhead with the signature of the Dean, Department Head, or Director (amounts not to exceed $100).

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5.9.2 Enrollment Services

Enrollment Services administers Admissions and Financial Aid.

Back to Top Orientation

The Freshman Orientation Program assists students, including freshmen, transfers, and readmits, to become oriented to university life. Through a series of one and two–day programs held during the summer, both entering students and their parents or spouses are introduced to the University’s programs and services. Also at the beginning of each semester, a program of orientation is held for transfer and new students.

All undergraduate first time freshmen and transfer freshman students working on a degree are expected to attend an Orientation Session. At this time, the student’s level of admission will be confirmed by the Academic Services Center and the student will be directed to the appropriate advisor or scheduled for the developmental placement (as indicated by ACT and/or Pre–Enrollment Placement Test (PEP) scores). The Academic Services Center is responsible for placement and classification of these students when their records are complete.

Back to Top Admission and Enrollment

This office is responsible for recruitment of all categories of students, except international students. The office engages in high school and community college visitation; college day and evening programs; campus tours; on–campus programs for prospective students, parents, and counselors; and telemarketing efforts. Monthly mailings to prospective students have been carefully constructed and scheduled to provide timely information.

Back to Top International Student Affairs

The Office of International Student Affairs provides global information, awareness, and assistance to all members of the Nicholls community. This office is responsible for the recruitment and retention of international students. The office is designed to offer awareness and understanding of the culturally diverse world.

The international student is provided assistance with applications, transcript evaluation, passport and visa regulations, and all other necessary documentation. The Office provides special celebrations on and off campus to remind international students of events and holidays “back home.” Also, the Office encourages traditional students to form bonds with international students by including traditional students in many of the events planned for international students.

Back to Top Admission Processing

This office is responsible for assuring that applicants meet the admission requirements set forth by the Board of Supervisors and Nicholls State University. The office reviews credentials of applicants, evaluates transcripts and notifies students of the status of their application and the next step in the entry process. Certification of enrollment for veteran’s benefits is an important function of this office.

Back to Top Financial Aid, Scholarships, and Student Employment

The Office of Financial Aid, Scholarships, and Student Employment is responsible for assuring that students’ financial needs for education are met, within the regulations of federal and state programs and available resources.

Students initiate the process by providing information to one of the federally approved processors. Currently, the Office encourages use of USAF SingleFile since they do not charge the student and have provided good service to students in the past.

There are a wide variety of scholarships funded annually by the legislature, Board of Supervisors, Nicholls State University, alumni, individuals, groups and organizations. Many of these are awarded by the Scholarship Committee, while others are awarded by the Scholarship Office, the sponsoring organization, or the academic department. Some scholarships are designated for new students while others are available for continuing students.

On–campus student employment is a vital source of support for many of our operations. Federal programs and Nicholls jointly fund some student employment. The remainder is funded by Nicholls. In order to qualify for on–campus student employment, students will need to complete the forms for applying for financial aid, as well as employment forms available from the Financial Aid Office.

Back to Top Senior Citizen Program

Students who apply under the Board of Supervisors Senior Citizens Program must be eligible for admission; i.e. high school graduation or the equivalent. They are not required to submit any credentials except the completed application form and proof that they are 60 years of age or older. Senior citizens are exempt from registration and tuition fees for up to three hours, but must pay course–specific fees (e.g., laboratory fees). Normal tuition and fee charges will be required for credit hours in excess of three hours.

Back to Top Veterans’ Affairs

Persons eligible for educational assistance as veterans, veterans’ dependents or reservists should apply to the Veterans Administration for certificates of eligibility. Application may be made through parish veterans’ service officers, or directly to Veterans Administration Regional Office, 701 Loyola Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70113. Certificates of eligibility should be presented to the Office of Enrollment Services immediately after registration is completed.

Persons applying for VA Benefits must complete a Request for Certification form in the Office of Enrollment Services. For additional information see the Veteran Affairs Secretary in the Enrollment Service’s Office. After the request is completed, the Certification of Enrollment form is sent to VA.

For additional information concerning VA, call 1–800–827–8022. This number will contact a Veterans’ counselor in the regional office in New Orleans.

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5.9.3 Student Life

The Dean of Student Life administers the following: Campus Recreation; Parking Enforcement; Residence Life; Student Activities/Greek Affairs; Student Judicial Affairs; and University Police.

The Dean also resolves students’ complaints, as described in the Code of Student Conduct.

Back to Top Campus Recreation

The intramural program is coordinated by the Student Life Office and offers activities which provide students with the opportunity to participate in organized individual and team sports. The program does not require the intense training and high level of skill associated with varsity athletics. Playing ability is not as important as desire to participate. In addition to the organized program of activities, facilities are available to students for recreational use. Announcements concerning the program are posted on intramural bulletin boards in the Ayo Pool Office and Student Union.

Back to Top Parking Enforcement

Complete information about parking and traffic concerns can be found in the Parking Handbook.

Back to Top University Police

The University Police Office is within the administrative area of Student Affairs and Enrollment Services. The mission of University Police on the Nicholls State University campus encompasses three main dimensions: safety, service and education.

The University Police force is concerned with the safety of all members of the academic community and the campus. It endeavors to maintain a safe and secure physical environment conducive to the educational mission of the University. It endeavors to protect all life and property. To this end, the University Police force is concerned with enforcement of all federal, state and local laws as they apply to the campus community. Because of the University Police force’s position within the University and because of the unique composition of that community, it endeavors to contribute to the academic and social development of the University’s students. Its objectives, priorities, and plans are determined primarily by the philosophy and mission of the University.

Refer to Section 5.16 for further information.

Automobile Registration: Any person who operates and parks an automobile on campus must pay a registration fee for an official permit which is valid from September of each year through August 14 of the next year. The price is $10 for the academic year if purchased during the Fall Semester, $8 if purchased during the Spring Semester, and $6 for the Summer Session per automobile. Prices are subject to change without notice. Purchase should be made within seven (7) class days immediately following or during class registration. Cash payments for decal purchases or fines will be handled by the Controller’s Office. Parking permits may be picked up at the University Police building during office hours. Special and temporary parking permits may also be obtained there.

Part–time or temporary staff should contact the University Police Office for parking information.

Back to Top Residential Services

It is the policy of the University that all full–time undergraduate students, regardless of age or whether or not emancipated, are required to live on campus as long as space is available unless exempted by the institution for good and reasonable cause, such as

  • any case where it appears that a full–time undergraduate student will otherwise suffer significant hardship or because of sufficient financial, medical or other good and sound reasons shown
  • the case of older students or where such individual is by virtue of age and experience incompatible with the educational objectives and values sought to be provided by the on–campus residence program;
  • undergraduate students living with parents, grandparents, married brother or sister or in supervised sorority or fraternity housing; and
  • students who are married or who maintain single–parent households.

Requests for exemptions should be directed to the Office of Residential Services.

Nicholls has eight air–conditioned residence halls. Accommodations consist of four–student suites (two rooms with adjoining baths with two students sharing a room), except in the case of two men’s residence halls. Students may also contract for a private room. All rooms are equipped with furniture. Requests for applications and questions regarding housing should be directed to the office of Residential Services.

Married Student Housing:  Married student housing is available and the University has a total of twenty units—one and two bedroom apartments. These facilities are unfurnished other than kitchen facilities. A deposit is required. Applications and questions about fees for married student housing should be directed to the Director of Residential Services.

Back to Top Student Activities/Greek Life

The Student Life Office maintains a handbook of student activities and organizations, called the Paddle.

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5.9.4 Student Services

The Dean of Student Services administers the following: Career Services; Counseling Services; Disability Services; Health Services; and Upward Bound.

Back to Top Career Counseling and Development

Assistance in career planning is provided upon request to all students through the Career Development Resource Center. Up–to–date occupational information is available for career research projects and life–goals planning. Counseling is provided for students of all classifications and majors.

The Career Development Resource Center’s resources include books, periodicals, pamphlets, and video tapes. Computerized career exploration programs are available as well as various assessment instruments which measure interests, values, personality, abilities, and/or occupational preferences. The CDRC is located in the Counseling Center, Room 227 Elkins Hall.

Back to Top Career Placement Services

The Placement Office assists students and alumni in every aspect of job searching and career development. It offers one–on–one job interviews with local, state and national employers on campus, tips on effective resume writing and an extensive career library of helpful information on numerous companies. Career Day is an event sponsored by the Placement staff. Career Day attracts companies to the campus to share career opportunities with Nicholls students and alumni. Also, the Placement Office administers a special job search program through the Job Training Partnership Act.

Back to Top Cooperative Education

Some academic programs allow academic credit for appropriate work experience. Such experience gives students enrolled in cooperative education/internship field experience coursework an opportunity to become acquainted with one or more employers as well as obtain experience in their chosen field. Coordination with the employment community is handled through the Office of Counseling and Career Services. Supervision and assessment of students is handled by the academic departments.

Back to Top Disability/Testing Services

Students with disabilities are assisted in making special–needs schedules and arranging other types of assistance. Students with disabilities desiring assistance should call extension 4108.

The Testing Center administers a variety of tests pertinent to prospective and enrolled University students. Among theses are the General Educational Development Test, American College Test, Graduate Record Examination, Medical College Admission Test, National League for Nursing Examination, the Law School Admission Test, Miller Analogies Test, the National Teacher Examinations, and Graduate Management Admissions Test. The Testing Center also coordinates the administration of the Pre–Enrollment Placement (PEP) tests which are used to place students in the correct level of English, mathematics and reading. Specialized tests and inventories useful in helping the student are given in conjunction with the Student Development and Student Support classes and at the discretion of staff.

Back to Top Procedures for Test Administration

It is the responsibility of the student to schedule their testing time with the Testing Center at least two days prior to the test date.

The student should take the exam on the same day as the rest of the class, preferably during the same hour.  If there is a conflict, students should discuss the matter with their professor.

The faculty/staff member is responsible for delivery and pick up of the exam. For 1M or 1T classes, faculty/staff should bring the exam to the Testing Center one day prior to the test date.  Each exam for each student must be in its own sealed envelope with the following written on the outside of the envelope:

  • Student’s Name, course, and class period
  • Instructor’s Name and office phone number
  • Time allowed for the class to take the exam (i.e., 80 min.).  The Testing Center will calculate extended time.
  • Directions for the exam (i.e., calculator allowed, open book, scratch paper, etc.)

Faculty/staff must sign in the test when it is delivered and then sign the test out when it is picked up.

Back to Top Counseling Center

The Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Services supports a Counseling Center in 227 Elkins Hall where licensed professional counselors are available to provide free confidential counseling services for all students. Students can stop by or call 448–4080 for an appointment.

The Counseling Center provides personal, academic, and career counseling at the request of the student and refers students to other University departments when special needs are indicated. The Counseling Center also sponsors structured groups to help students manage personal changes that are a natural result of their college experience. Cooperation with private and community–based agencies such as mental health, substance abuse, and vocational rehabilitation assures maximum use of available resources.

Back to Top Health Services

The University Health Services (UHS) provides health education and primary health care services to students. The UHS staff attend to students’ routine health concerns and teach health promotion and disease prevention strategies through both individual and group presentations.

Faculty may obtain first–aid needs, on site over–the–counter remedies for simple/acute illnesses, blood pressure checks, and health information. If faculty (or anyone else) suffers an injury or observes a safety problem, UHS should be contacted as soon as possible, in order to have an incident report initiated.

The UHS is located in the east end of the Student Union. Service is available from 7:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday with both nurses and physicians available. After hours, students with urgent health concerns are encouraged to call the emergency room at Thibodaux Hospital and Health Centers to receive advice.

Back to Top Peer Assistance/Health Educator

The Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Services sponsors educational efforts aimed at drug and alcohol abuse prevention. These programs include sponsorship of Nicholls Peer Assistance, a specially trained group of students organized to make presentations to groups about the potential complications of substance abuse. Peer Assistance also sponsors a telephone help line for students to call with questions or concerns about their alcohol and drug use. Peer Assistance maintains an information center for drug and alcohol abuse prevention topics in Ellender library. Students can become involved with the Peer Assistance program by calling 448–4523 or the help line at 448–4499 or by stopping in the offices at the east end of the Student Union.

Back to Top Drug and Alcohol Prevention Program

The Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Services sponsors educational efforts aimed at drug and alcohol abuse prevention. These programs include sponsor ship of Nicholls Peer Assistance, a specially trained group of students organized to make presentations to groups about the potential complications of substance abuse. Peer Assistance maintains an information center for drug and alcohol abuse prevention topics in Ellender Library. Students can become involved with the Peer Assistance program by calling 448–4523 or by stopping in the Peer Assistance Office in the Student Union.

See also Counseling Center (Section

Back to Top Sexual Assault Prevention Program

Nicholls State University takes very seriously its responsibility to provide a safe campus environment and to educate students about sexual assault, prohibited by the Code of Student Conduct), and other safety concerns. The University sponsors educational programs concerning sexual assault as part of the curriculum in the semester–long orientation course Student Development 101. These programs are designed and delivered by the Nicholls Peer Assistants, a group of students helping students with connects associated with college life. Members of Peer Assistance are also present for non classroom groups such as to fraternities, sororities, athletes or residence hall groups. The Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Services sponsors open programs dealing with crime prevention and personal safety, including sexual assault prevention information. A Task Force on the Prevention of Sexual Assault meets periodically to review the effectiveness of educational programs and to propose new programs.

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3.9.5 Student Government Association

The Student Government Association reports to the Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Services. Information about the Association can be found in the Paddle .

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