1.14 Special University Councils and Groups

1.14.1  President’s Cabinet (See Section  President’s Cabinet Appeals Committee (See Section


1.14.2  University Council (See Section


1.14.3  The Academic Council (See Section


1.14.4  The Deans Council (See Section  The Council of Deans (See Section


1.14.5  The Unclassified Staff Advisory Council

The Unclassified Staff Advisory Council actively represents and advocates for unclassified employees below the level of Assistant Vice President who are not recognized by the faculty governance document and participate in the shared governance of the University. Council members, representing each division and the president’s office, are elected by unclassified staff for two year terms.

1.14.6  The Classified Staff Advisory Council

The Classified Staff Advisory Council serves as a representative advisory council for all classified staff on campus. The mission of the CSAC is to promote a positive and collaborative work environment through personal and professional development.

Committee membership is composed of the last three (3) recipients of the Mamie Bourgeois Memorial Award, the last three (3) recipients of the Outstanding Trades Employee award, and seven (7) classified employees appointed by the President.

1.14.7  Faculty Compensation and Morale Committee (See Section


1.14.8  Staff Interest and Development Committee (See Section


1.14.9  Commencement Committee  (See Section


1.14.10  Academic Affairs Integrity Committee (See Section


1.14.11  Family Day Committee (See Section


1.14.12  Homecoming Court Committee (See Section


1.14.13  Colonel CARE (Coordinate, Assess, Respond, Educate) Team (See Section


1.14.14  Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) Task Force (See Section


1.14.15  Diversity and Inclusion Taskforce (See Section


1.14.16  Title IX Compliance (See Section


1.14.17  Student Technology Fee Committee (See Section


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