2.7.2. Basic Responsibilities of Library Faculty

Library faculty members shall be expected to fulfill basic responsibilities in librarianship, scholarly activity, and service in accordance with principles of academic freedom and professional ethics and as described in Chapter 2 of this Policy & Procedure Manual. Specific basic responsibilities in scholarly activity and service include those identified in section titled Performance of Faculty Activities in this Manual.  Specific basic responsibilities in librarianship include the following:

  1. providing information services to students, faculty, staff, and other library patrons through the acquisition, cataloging, and circulating of information sources and/or learning materials;
  2. assisting patrons in finding and using information sources and/or learning materials;
  3. collaborating with faculty in bibliographic instruction, including instruction in the processes and methods of finding and using information sources and/or learning materials;
  4. exhibiting professional competency and activity including the effectiveness in the development and use of library resources.



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